Little 6" by 6" monotype images of imagined cropland. 
Farmers' Market
A Saturday farmers' market in Punta Gorda, Florida
genus Triticum
Wheat is the bread of life.
Perspective shifts from ground to. sky.
Arctic Sea Ice
Returning from our last pre-COVID trip from France, the skies of the polar route over the Arctic were clear and stunning. I used stencils to make these monotype prints.
Amber Waves of Grain
Wheat, a perennial theme in Walla Walla farmland, inspired these stencil-created monotype lithograph prints made at Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts..
A summer shower on our patio inspired these bleed-printed lithographs.
Miller Road
Interpreting Walla Walla farmland in lithography presented new challenges and rewards! The locations are around my husband's family's dry-land wheat farm.
Weaving two monotype prints each made with rainbow rolls of color create shimmering color shifts throughout.
Trips to Havana in 2006, 2008 and 2010 were pivotal experiences--the Caribbean light, overcrowded city neighborhoods, new friends, and the lack of food and money.
Lower Road
Sketches intended for new paintings called out to be created in reduction linocut prints instead.
Song of Earth
The farmland of northeastern Oregon inspired my drives to Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts where I spent long weekends making monotype lithographs.
Memories of Earth
Landscape inspired images of Walla Walla farmland in monoprints embellished with scraps of letters written long ago.
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