Say a big idea in a small amount of space. That is the challenge of working in a format that is six inches square. 
Golden Grain. 6"x6". Etching print. 2015. 
It's the Latitude! 6"x6". Letterpress and digital print. 2015. 
It's the Soil! 6"x6". Letterpress and digital print. 2015.
The Wine's Fine. 6"x6". Letterpress print. 2015. 
The Red Shoes. Etching. 6"x6". 2014.
Deception Pass Bridge.  Etching. 6"x6". 2013.
Escape! Etching. 6"x6". 2013
For My Sweetheart. Letterpress. 6"x6". 2013.
Juniper Dunes. Etching. 6"x6". 2013.
The Cozy Chat. Etching & chin colle. 6"x6". 2014.
Blowin' in the Wind. Intaglio print. 6"X6". 2015.  
Harvest Sunset. Intaglio print. 6"X6". 2015.
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